Jul 6, 2015

in florence

the first and the last 2 days we spent in florence.  these are some pictures of narelle's place, love the floor!
in the city we also saw some gardens, the giardino delle rose was quite cute! we had the best dinner at this place and saw some very nice vintage stores.

+ our ABC book is now for sale at Todo Modo, a very nice bookshop in Florence!

Jul 4, 2015

the garden tour pt. 4

saturday we drove a little further, about an hour away from rome.  we stayed in a beautiful hotel and woke up early to visit giardino di ninfa, one of the main gardens we wanted to see.  they are only open a few days a year and you're only allowed to walk on the paths in a guided tour.  we stayed in the back of the group and took hundreds of photos!  here just a few :)

Jul 3, 2015

butterfly, chicken and peacocks

in the morning i spend so much time trying to photograph this hummingbird hawk-moth.this shot was the best i could get, it's moving all the time!  but what a beautiful creature, never saw that one before!  in the meantime narelle made friends with andrea, the chicken.  back inside before we left i made more photos inside, more on that another time, but look what a beautiful carpet!

Jul 2, 2015

a beautiful home

this is where we stayed on friday night.  5 girls sleeping in 1 room. so cozy.  and 3 wonderful dogs!

Jul 1, 2015

friday night

friday evening we drove a little outside of florence to meet some friends who all lived in antwerp at one point, and some still do.
it was a beautiful night!   we had dinner all together at jessica's house.  the landscape there was so so beautiful!  and the house as well, more photos tomorrow :)

Jun 30, 2015

the garden tour pt. 3

on friday, back in florence, we visited the giardino deiSemplici, not the best one we saw, but there were interesting parts. look at those leaves!  i also liked how they hanged plants on the trunk of a tree.

Jun 29, 2015

the marble quaries

thursday we drove through the marble quaries.  quite a strange atmosphere.  very desolated.  everything covered in white powder, even the plants...

Jun 28, 2015

horse riding in massa

in the morning paolo drove us a little higher to show us the view there.  beautiful!  after that sigrid and narelle were riding the horses.  not me, i took some photos :)  that white cat was my favourite, romero was his name. 

Jun 27, 2015

massa, carrara

wednesdaynight we spent the night in massa, 600 meters high!  it was a bit of a scary drive (again!) but so worth it.  once we met the host of the place, paolo, we all felt comfortable.  we had a great dinner all together, and than he showed us the little house where we would sleep in.  he made it all by himself, he built the houses and the beautiful furniture!  have a look here for more images.

the garden tour pt. 2

wednesday afternoon we visited the Hanbury gardens, which is next to the Boccanegra garden.  it was more structured, but very beautiful as well, and so many plants and trees i had never seen before.  seems like i took many close-ups.  i have more analogue ones, have to wait a little more for those ones.