Sep 30, 2014

autumn gifts

good things :)

Sep 28, 2014

the last day of summer

this might have been the last summer day.  or at least the last day i could wear my beloved sandals... 

Sep 27, 2014

from poland

some of the things that were in this big bag full of presents :)
a friend brought these from poland. such great packaging and kind of weird food :)

Sep 25, 2014

yesterday's birthdays

a bag full of belated but brilliant presents and sophie's birthday cake :)

Sep 24, 2014

a paradise

so, this is the wallpaper in the hallway. pity i don't have more rooms to paper, cause there is so much pretty paper out there :)
the fabric on the wall is hand stamped by renate spee. i love it!

Sep 22, 2014


i have these beautiful flowers at home, in the hallway.  i have to show you more soon from my hallway.  i papered the walls myself and i am very proud of it :)
it's the first time i have one, and i love it, so much storage!

Sep 21, 2014

kent Iwemyr

discovered today, through this exhibition.  so nice!! look for more

Sep 20, 2014

some more photos from this place. still trying to figure out a set of these for my website.
have a good weekend!!

Sep 18, 2014

the birds

we are enjoying the last days of summer!
(3rd photo by the great andre kertesz)

Sep 16, 2014

junko yamamoto

found via the outsider art fair (oh, how i'd love to go there once!) : junko yamamoto: "Because her mother was involved in handicraft work at home, Junko grew up observing her mother's sewing, their home full of material. One day, she picked up some pieces of felt in her favorite colors and surprised her family by suddenly starting to make appliques. Her themes include food, kitchen gadgets, hardware etc. She remembers these artifacts of everyday life or from art books or magazines, and cuts them from felt fabric."